Friday, March 1, 2013

Hypocoristic Victimization

Victims of


/haɪˈpɒkər ɪzəm/; high poker ism/; a shorter or a diminutive name, as a nickname; a pet name or calling name.

High poker ism - It doesn't have
anything to do with poker; it's just 
pronounced that way.  :)
Little names!   Wonderfully grand names like Frederick become Freddy, and Cynthia becomes Cindy!  The destruction continues with Davy, Stevie, Paulie, Patty, Susie, Johnny, Jimmy .... how humiliating! 

This fellow is Bud, sad to say.  From budifferus which is what his mom and sister (but not his dad) called him when he was five or so.  He has no idea where it came from.
So he's Bud; just another victim.  One among millions, diminuated and demeaned by hypocorism.  

We've only had one of us make it to the presidency, by the way.  Jimmy; and he didn't last long.  How about recognizing all of us hypocoristic victims?!

Kidding of course. Really. Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense  Kidding!

My friends call me Bud, and I'm fine with it; it's a friendship name, a term of endearment.  It's only mildly uncomfortable when you're in uniform and your aunt uses it, but other than that, it's fine.  
I'm not, we're not, and they're not the ones left behind and ignored by modern social norms.  Our cause doesn't deserve a thought.
There are those, though, about whom we rarely think; those left out of our world ...  

Most regular folks, perhaps 70% of the world's population are paying for our impact on the marketplace, and we rarely think of them at all.  We've pretty well sunk their ship, we the wealthy of the 'developed' world, and never gave them a second thought.  Because they matter less, it appears.  They deserve better.  

Do your own research on the gap between rich and poor, on the impact of the wealthy on the rest of the world.

Government serves business, business owns the bulk of government, none attends except peripherally to the citizenry or the rest of the world.

Occupy government, get involved, push the button.  It's time to grow up, time for change, for responsible action, for governmental accountability and for individual conscience.  No?  

Friends in eastern and western Africa.  They've provided more insight into the real world than the years of schooling
which preceded our meeting.  Fine folks, and noble in every way.  Some of their stories, here.