Monday, August 3, 2015

PPHood IV (NC-17 Content)

From the transcript:  "Planned Parenthood is in the news a lot these days
thanks to a maliciously edited video making it look like they SELL
  It’s weird for those of us with two brain cells to
rub together, that this  is even a thing. Because first of all,
obviously Planned Parenthood  doesn’t sell BABY PARTS.
Jesus fucking  christ, get a hold of yourselves. Baby parts!"
Rebecca Watson says: 'Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F***ing Idiots'  Jul 30, 2015

Actually, they are.  Legal or not, for profit or not, it is done.  It is part of the PP business model for some but not all clinics.   

The uproar among pro-choice advocates over the current exposé makes for informative reading.  Their responses include:
  • the video is edited to present something other than what was said by the subjects 
    Not true; the unedited videos are available and adequately revealing,
  • the exposé is an attack against women. 
    Not true, the exposé is of unethical medical practices and the sale of fetal body parts.  Don't confuse the issues.
  • "and even if they do [sell baby body parts] ...," Watson says of the remains, "it’s about the size of a kidney bean."  Misleading; the sales in question include individual organs at later stages of development, and those are the items of particular interest to the buyers. Further, abortion procedures are illegally being modified for the sake of preserving marketable organs.
Financial Profits Baby Organs
From the StemExpress website ...
StemExpress is one of many pass-through organ vendors. They come into the clinic with a technical staff to a clinic to arrange for mothers to sign 'donation' documents, process the cadaver and handle packing and shipping to their own customers. And they pay the clinic for the privilege.  A plug-in solution, they call it.   StemExpress offers its' procurement technicians bonuses based on the number of fetal specimens they can harvest, with higher bonuses for more valuable body parts.
The legal distinction being made is at the line drawn between donated tissue and reasonable reimbursement for associated costs.  The question on the table is ethical and moral rather than legal.  It's easy to adjust business and service descriptions to accommodate legal definitions, but the facts remain.  Later term abortions are of particular interest to organ buyers, and abortion providers are adjusting their business to accommodate the market.

PP clinics have been providing aborted fetuses to organ and tissue buyers for years.  The law is perhaps inadequately precise to regulate the practice, but the practice itself is not in doubt.  Planned Parenthood does in fact and by their own records, provide fetal cadavers (dead babies) to buyers such as ABL Inc. and StemExpress. (StemExpress would pay $55 for a fetal brain, and then turn around and sell it for $3,340.  The company has since cut ties with Planned Parenthood.)
Click to watch for yourself; this one is adequate and brief.

The disturbing possibility; we might get over the shock of this most recent look into what's done by the organization.  It is somewhat legal, and there are so many excuses that ignore the brutal reality.  Be careful.

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