Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Nowhere and no one has escaped'

Shell oil spills in the Niger delta: 'Nowhere and no one has escaped'

The heartbreak is that this has been going on for more than 50 years.  The quantity exceeds that of our recent Gulf oil spill each year.  And it affects the entire region in Nigeria.  Beyond that, it deprives coastal states in the Gulf of Guinea of their primary livelihood; fishing.

The area is a primary breeding ground for the world's tuna and other important fish.  The population decline for those fish has been documented for decades and is attributed to the pollution and to overfishing by illegals.  European countries are involved along with a couple others in ruining the ecosystem and causing a continuing food shortage in the region for local fishermen and their families.   Greece, Italy, and Portugal are the worst offenders, I'm told. 

The U.S. is assisting with coastal and ocean surveillance technology, patrol craft, and training, but I'm waiting for the responsible nations to slam the criminals involved and pay reparations by way of major effort to undo the damage.  I'm waiting for Shell Oil and BP to clean up their mess.  I know some of the local fishermen in the Gulf of Guinea.  They're being starved by the rich and powerful who flaunt the law.