Wall Street memories ...
The only way for a tiny group of people to become obscenely rich is for huge masses of others to be kept chronically poor.

Just as humans have created enormous amounts of wealth, so have we created its counterpart, widespread poverty.

    Poverty is neither inherent in nor a product of nature. Poverty is an unnatural state imposed upon the powerless. Humans have created engines for extracting vast amounts of wealth from nature, and using the economic power of that largesse, they exploit, subjugate, and marginalize the majority of the world’s population in effect keeping them in a chronic state of poverty.  True?

It's perhaps worth noting that conservatives commonly blame the behavior of the poor for their poverty citing drugs and alcohol, gangs and crime, and the 'sinful choices' folks make.  Liberals commonly blame the rich for exploitation of the workforce, of resources, and their influence on government policies.  Who's right and who's wrong?  Both.

Transfer of wealth isn't much help, of course.  Help is lending a hand up to self-sufficiency and advancement.

Poverty is complex with interrelated and unrelated causes. Society's responsibility is just to do their part.  There's much that can be done to make a lasting difference.  Curious what works?  Take a look at what the UN University came up with.