• The Path of the White Rose - Just five years before I was born, a group of university students and their professor launched a small campaign against government policy. They were non-violent, thoughtful, and concerned by the direction government had taken. Conscience required that they take a stand, and they did.  It was a risk.
  • Charlottesville - There is not a single pure heart among us, and the most judgemental are perhaps the most tarnished.

  • The War Machine - America is at war today, it appears, and against its own citizens, at least the unimportant ones.
  • Decades of lies, and history repeats itself - What if R.J. Reynolds had told the truth?  What if Exxon had told the truth?  What if Wall Street and the Federal Reserve had told the truth?
  • Tahrir Square, two lessons for today - There are two messages for us.
       The first: inequality and injustice will provoke forced change.
         The second: change is difficult and attempts may or may not succeed.
  • Wall Street Prosecutions - Here's the updated list of Wall Street CEOs and others, serving time for their actions leading to the crash of the world marketplace.