Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Digital Weaponry

Shared ideas, shared thinking,
... shared vision! 
Jump in?
Bloggers now out-produce all the world's publishing houses combined.

People blog for many reasons; for creative expression, for entertaining their friends, for provoking thought, for changing the world, ....

Bloggers now out-produce all the world's publishing houses combined, and Pew data suggests that 80 percent of bloggers have started publishing only in the last few years; it's still a new and growing crowd of writers.  While most writers are lighthearted about their blogs, many are thoughtfully hoping to ... well, to change the way people think.

Capturing the moment so the world can know ...

So thanks to bloggers (and tweeters), welcome to Egypt and the Arab Spring, welcome to murderous Syria, to Wall Street's back rooms, to Mombasa from inside the government circles, to Nigerian oil-sodden wastelands, to the mass media as seen through the eyes of someone whose vision is larger.

Slammed by the overwhelming will of the people
expressed worldwide and instantly.
 Regarding bloggers and social media publishers, "... be prepared to see the world around you change more rapidly than usual, thanks to their influence, story telling, discoveries, and open sharing of ideas.  Nothing beats the potential that sharing information can have on humans: this is the real digital weapon of our future."  John Blossom

The simplest of examples, a short blog
article on the global economy published
last night has a couple dozen hits already
by early this morning from inside and outside
the U.S.   :)

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