Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Everybody knows ...

DisasterNational collapse!  Hardly.  These are the common
social fluctuations occasioned by economic variations. 
We adapt to the opportunities available.
Everybody knows that when your kids are 18, out they go!  Everybody knows that if your kid goes to college and then comes back home, it's a disaster.  You must have failed as a parent! 

Or maybe it's the end of the world!


Welcome to the 21st century.  The phenomenon is called the 'accordion family' and 'boomerang children'. It has happened before and will likely happen again.  As the economy loosens or tightens, folks in transition may or may not find an adequate place in the workforce right away.  They may or may not be hired into a viable career path right out of school.  They may launch in the classic (1950's) sense, or they may emerge more slowly like youngsters did in the 1930's. Let's not struggle with social contextual issues as though they were a simple choice.  Stuff like that happens.

Going a bit further, it's worth noting that the economically tight times will first affect young folks, single-income homes, recent immigrants, and perhaps non-technical folks.  If extended, the economic impact will envelope the entire population.  It's done to us, not by us.  

Stay connected.
Stay informed.
Stay involved.
Family is the safe place, the shelter, the base camp from which each foray originates and to which one can always return to be refreshed, encouraged, and helped.  A healthy church serves similarly in our lives.

    Take a breath, get a grip, adjust.

Fuss, pray, fight, pray, work, push, pray, change, vote :), be thankful for the opportunity you have.

     Did I mention 'vote'? And pray too.  Of course.

Of note, our unemployment in the U.S. hovers around 8%.
In Spain today, unemployment is 25%, and in Djibouti, it's around 80%.

Take the time to understand your world.

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