Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Emperor's Toilet

Wealth that could be used for the benefit of many is spent gilding the emperor's toilet.  Why is that? 

Interestingly, Western nations see themselves as bastions of justice, of progress, of equality, liberty and brotherhood.  They believe themselves to be noble and above the injustice of discrimination against a lineage or class or race.

Recent years, however, have unveiled governments whose policies are purchased by the rich and whose initiatives are chosen for political advantage rather than the good of the citizens.

Today's government in action bears little resemblance to the original.  Folks are distrustful, and the nation's international reputation has declined sharply in the last twenty-five years.  There are reasonable alternatives, are there not?

Soweto children's Gospel Choir
And how about the church; is the church infected by our bent culture?  Is there a gracious path outward for a genuine Christian heart?  Yes, and yes.
The exodus is already underway, you've probably noticed.  The next generation is neither willing nor able to be 'building and meeting' conformists.  We perhaps would be well advised to listen to the emerging youth who've legitimately encountered God.  They're what's in the queue for the church and perhaps for Godly purpose as well.
Nigerian youth in worship

From a culture that generates a widening gap between the rich and poor, from a worldview that seeks profit rather than good, from a culture whose claim to noble purpose is in their history and not their actions, the exodus is begun.  How might we be part of the change and not be left behind among the rubble?