Monday, June 10, 2013

Inhabit the land.

Courage to live comes with right thinking.
It's not for self; that's anger or perhaps greed.
It's not for vengeance; that's murder disguised.
It's not for judgement; that's a fool's self-righteousness.

It's right thinking that gives root to courage.  Real courage, anyway.

Jump in, we're told.  Set your heart on understanding, not winning.  If you make insight your priority and won't take no for an answer, pursuing it like a prospector panning for gold, you'll find it.  Understanding, insight, wisdom, real truth, bought at a price and worth it all.

Then, and perhaps only then, you can pick out what's true and just, and find all the good paths.  Wisdom will be your friend, and knowledge your brother as you make your way.  Good sense will scout the trail ahead for danger, and insight will keep an eye on things; they'll keep you from making the wrong turns.  They'll keep you from following the direction of those who themselves are lost and can't tell a trail from a trap, those losers who make a game of doing evil and throw parties to celebrate their corruption.  They travel paths that go nowhere, wandering a maze of detours and dead ends.  They'll see, and so will you.

So then - join the company of good men and women, stay on the true paths.  Pour out your life on that which is right and good.  It's the men who walk straight who will inhabit this land, and the women of integrity who will endure here.

The corrupt will lose their lives and everything else in the end, and be gone.