Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Talking to myself ...

... well, sometimes I'm the most interesting person in the room.  OK, maybe just the only person in the room!

(Does he realize how crazy that sounds?)

We're all a little odd, it seems.  Each can point at another and detail their abnormal behavior or odd responses, true?  We do that.

A friend tells the story about her teen years with her dad.  He'd ask her about this conflict or that drama she'd been involved in.  She'd begin with, "Well, my friend ...," and he would pointedly clear his throat.  He'd do it again if she mentioned someone other than herself.  She learned.  The key element in any conflict will be our own contribution.  That's the part that we own and that perhaps needs review and adjustment.

It's difficult, of course.  In conflict, we see our part in tiny, forgivable terms, and the faults of others as large and inexcusable.  It's kind of like noticing the speck in someone else's eye and not noticing the mudball in our own.

Years pass.  We learn, we change, or not.  If we choose to, we grow gentler and more understanding, giving others the same grace we give ourselves.  If not, then bitterness rules, and we wind up talking to ourselves.  A lifetime of blaming others is just nuts.