Thursday, December 5, 2013

S.E.P. - Someone Elese's Problem

Someone Else's Problem or SEP is a mental process where individuals or populations choose to dissociate themselves from an issue that may be in critical need of attention.

Not my problem, man!

We're besieged by pictures of children in need, famine, drought, and poverty. The only sane response is to push it all aside. If you don't, you'll be overwhelmed by the needs of others. You'll be sad, depressed, and helpless. NOT!

It's not hard to connect with organizations that really help. World Vision is at the top of the list of dozens of worthy programs. The hard task is choosing to actually care, perhaps.

Marilyn with a couple of our scholars ...
If you go and see for yourself, you'll probably be undone. My wife was pretty much shattered when I took her to meet my friends in Africa. It took her about a year to recover enough to see things clearly. Now, when we get a call or a text from friends in Africa, it's a pleasure. Helping out, keeping kids in school, helping a family through difficult times, stuff like that is a real joy.

They own their family home now.
My daughter helped a family buy their house. She used her tax refund to make up the difference they needed; both she and they are tickled by the event. When I last visited them, they were so proud of the progress they'd made in the previous year, and they named me as godfather for their new baby! Dad's a fisherman, mom raises rabbits, and the kids are all in school, working hard and doing well. They've got pictures of us in their main room, and we have pictures of them on the wall, too.

Making a difference can cost as little as a lunch at Ruby Tuesday's.

My buddy Anderson is six this month; his mom and I were on the phone
just a few minutes ago singing happy birthday together.  He struggles a bit
with reoccurring malaria, but it's controlled for now.

We're connected to efforts in east and west Africa, if you'd like a recommendation for where to start. Lots of friends have chipped in. Tuition and such for more than a hundred children now, salary for three teachers, assistance for a church group serving community orphans, building a community center/preschool, and several family projects. If you want to go and see for yourself, I'll introduce you. It's more fun than any vacation you've ever had.