Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lead the way

If alarm bells don't ring when you check the chart, move on to something more interesting. For the rest of us, ....

Management vs. leadership:  Decades in the military and civilian workforce have provided only a little clarity, and perhaps it's not a truly fair comparison.  The two positions may represent opposite ends of a spectrum along which we might find ourselves.  None claim it's an easy journey; few have done it gently.  All make many mistakes along the way.  Theoretically, it can all be done with dignity and poise.

That said, note the style of the leader:  Equips others to perform without being told.  Cheerfully rocks the boat and presses for decisions.  Recognizes that rules aren't perfect; they can be rewritten.  Deals directly and serves well to the very end.

Executive Summary:  One way passes the time.  The other changes things.  Are both required?  Is it really that clear cut?