Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you have any of these symptoms?

A century ago, we acquiesced to popular preferences and divided our attention between the newly-named 'highbrow' and 'lowbrow' content categories for our entertainment.

Meaningful literature gave way to pulp fiction, and the nay-sayers faded away into the intellectual void.

Today we have Honey Booboo, the Kardashians, and an absolute deluge of internet drivel.  That's our cultural target for mass consumption.  If our trend over time is a descent from highbrow to lowbrow (with not even a pause at middlebrow), then what might we call today's drivel?


Things Congress doesn't want you to know about car insurance in MD!!!

If you're in college, you can trade your parents mortgage for a new car for free!! No strings attached!

OBAMACARE loophole for folks in MD whose last name begins with the letter 'D'!

126 exceptions to income tax you've never heard of! Amazing tricks you can use!

If a frog had wings, he'd be an alien! Really! Subscribe here!

These simple finance tricks will make you rich while you lose weight and earn college credits! Only $25!

Oh, good grief.

I do love the internet.  It's better than a good library and Saturday morning TV put together.  There are parts of it though that are absolutely mind-boggling.  Somebody is actually reading this stuff, and what's worse, somebody else is making money off of them doing so.