Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Six Signs You're an Idiot

Okay, it's a really weird illustration, but unbridled anger works like that; it
feeds on itself and reemerges over and over.
1.  You're angry at least once, pretty much every day.

2.  You argue regularly, and there's emotional content.

3.  You find yourself talking about others in terms of why they did those annoying things.

4.  You get angry when someone cautions you about getting angry.

5.  You're pretty sure you're right, and you don't need to hear any more on the various subjects of contention.

6.  You expect things to improve once all these defective people get their act together and do it right.

Anger isn't the right response to differences of opinion, to differences of priority and preference, or to politics.  Anger isn't the right response to a difficult child or a difficult spouse.  Or a difficult boss or employee.  Or a difficult day or decade.

Want better?  It's available.  Courage, grace, self-control and an open mind, concern for others and for what's right, each of those is a better choice and powerfully so for effecting change.

Anger: it's a trainwreck that continues for years, piling up damage and destruction.  Angry people tend to re-experience the frustration, pain, and resentment each time they're reminded of the offense, whether perceived or real.  They tend to talk without listening and complain a lot about other people's transgressions.  Bitter or better; it's a choice.  It's a choice, and things can change.

Thanks and a hat-tip to Dr. Redford Williams, professor of psychology at Duke University Medical Center, for thought provoking work and discussion.