Thursday, May 8, 2014

Comfort Zone

For the gregarious only.
'Comfort zone' is just another term for 'stuck in a rut'.  At least that's the way the extroverts among us feel.
If we want to avoid repeating the mundane, we'll want to step up, climb out ...

Want change?
Pick one!

If your routine is ... routine,  plan a breakout; not a vacation, but a rut buster.   Go bicycling in Denmark, volunteer in a soup kitchen, or in Africa, go climbing in Colorado, exploring in Wyoming, weekending in NY, or work in the garden; whatever adds a fresh perspective.

For a bizarre challenge, try talking to a teenager about whatever they want to talk about.  One fellow talked about his first prom for as long as I was willing to smile and laugh and commiserate.  Another complained at length about his pre-calc class and showed me the 'stupid homework' on his iPad. More commiserating.
My dental hygienist and I laughed long and hard, exchanging grand-baby stories while she had stuff in my mouth.
A colleague regaled me with horror stories about building a deck and how the dog fell through the unfinished hole.  More commiserating.
A friend in Kenya laughed and told how the rain was so bad, you couldn't see, and her first grader couldn't go to school today.
Another fellow and I exchanged texts about his college progress and expenses.
My wife is sewing tick guards in pant legs for our son-in-law; he's a conservationist and has to be careful about such things.  They did the design together, and he loves the result.
Chatting with the new cashier at the drugstore about whether the afternoon would be a mandatory bike-ride or just an optional; he's maybe 20 and a neat fellow and lives 5 minutes from St. Mary's lake.
Most folks are easily engaged, and it's a lot more fun than just mmmphing at each other and moving on.

OK, that's the extrovert's view.  What does an introvert do for fun?