Sunday, October 19, 2014

the helper

Helping others is a better purpose in life than a lot of the choices
we see being made these days.  True?
This helper fellow was making his way to the capital city. He was walking, and it was still miles and miles away.  So, these really sick and contagious guys, huddled together away from regular folks on the edge of their village, they saw this helper fellow as he came along.  Somehow, they knew who he was, and keeping their distance, they waved and hollered to him for help.  He spoke to them graciously and sent them off to be checked by the folks in town who did such things.  As they went, they were healed, and apparently it was pretty spectacular.  One fellow, and only just the one, was so over-full of happiness and appreciation. that he turned around and ran back to this helper fellow who had spoken to him and the others. There, he collapsed on the ground in tears, but he was crying for joy as he tried to speak about his deep thanks and wonder.  He was from some foreign country, not a local.

The helper fellow received him graciously, of course.  Then, probably with a smile and one eyebrow raised, he says to the folks there, weren't there ten who got healed?  And just this foreign fellow comes back to honor the gift and say thanks?  Then quietly to the man there on the ground at his feet, he says with a smile, you can get up now my friend and get along home; you believed and that brought you the healing you'd been wanting.

That sort of thing happened a lot around this helper fellow, apparently.