Friday, November 21, 2014

Eaten by a shark?

"I haven’t been eaten by a shark yet which I am pretty happy about as that seems to happen quite often here. According to all the signs that we have encountered on the way everything in Australia is quite dangerous. We came across signs such as ‘’Rock risk area’’ while climbing in a cave, ‘’Tree climbing risk area’’ in the forests and a whole bunch of ‘’Coast risk area’s’’ in coastal areas on the way as well.  It’s kind of sad to realize that we live in a world where people can’t think for themselves anymore, where these signs are actually necessary because if anything happens to them they blame others… But we had heaps of fun anyway."

Her story ... 
She set out at age 14 to circumnavigate the world ... solo.
 Far from cultural norms one might expect for a teenager making her way into adulthood, she chose her path early on and, with her parents support, pursued it to this first goal and beyond.