Saturday, March 7, 2015


My two-minute list; probably a hundred more if we thought about it.

 You disagree with him.
   He disagrees with them.
     They disagree with me.
        Big deal.
How many issues are there for us to disagree about?  
Plenty, obviously. Some are important, some not, and opinions vary about that too.

The important part of it all is sitting down with friends or family or with the community and graciously talking things through to a workable solution.

Some perhaps useful pieces:

Reaching for wisdom is not the same as reaching to win.
Having an opinion is not the same as knowing.
Attributing some rotten motive to another doesn't help.  Ever.

Doctrine is not the same as knowledge.
Justice is not the same as law.
'Equal' doesn't mean 'alike'.

Anyone's worldview and the real world will disagree.

A free market and a fair market are different.
Communism, socialism, capitalism, collectivism, and egalitarianism are all pretty much okay ideas, but the players can be a problem.

And, anyone's worldview will disagree with the real world.

Plenty to disagree about; true?
     In her office briefly on a business matter, I asked what she'd been doing lately. With just a little prodding, I got updates on her volunteer work with returning disabled veterans.  She'd arranged to completely furnish a home for this one fellow.  Furniture for the living room and dining room and kitchenware and curtains and a bedroom, a table and chairs with tablecloth and dishes ...  He'd come home to nothing at all, no home, no family, and she'd pulled donors together to make a welcoming place for him.   
     She lit up as she talked about it, and about the difference it had made.  She eventually admitted with some annoyance that she'd been nominated for 'woman of the year'.  The recognition wasn't what she wanted.  And none of the things we might disagree about came up in the conversation.  It's been like that for twenty years now.   (Connie, from my short list of  gutsy heros who understand what's important and what isn't.)