Saturday, April 25, 2015


§: self-important; arrogant."an uppity fellow"
synonyms:arrogantsnobbishhoity-toitysnootypretentiousbumptious, full of oneself, puffed up, conceitedpompous, self-assertive, overbearing,cockycocksureimpertinenthaughty, hubristic, self-important, superior,presumptuousoverweeninguppish, high and mighty, believes own press, self-induced idiocy

examples:financial industry directors (Henry Paulson, Jamie Dimon, Robert Rubin), those with the 'right to rule' from above the law (lobbyists, political power abusers, IRS, NSA, FEC, Lois Lerner, Hitler), industry driven by profit rather than service (Enron, Exxon, Dutch Royal Shell, Goldman-Sachs, J.P. Morgan), materialists, the rich
There's a personal price that must eventually be paid, of course.
It's an interesting world.
  Every country is filled with folks who hope for better, to do well by their children and by others,
    and every country is infected with those whose goal is self-aggrandizement.
      And we get to pick a side, carefully.

If there were a world ballot to pick really good folks and really bad folks, how would that turn out?  
Then, too, there's that sheep and goats thing.