Saturday, July 25, 2015

Selling Baby Parts

In case you were wondering, it is true and apparently somewhat legal.  This Snopes article like many others points out that what was revealed in CMP videos was/is in fact happening.  The laws governing such practices are ambiguous at best, and the industry's common practices are troubling.

George J. Annas, a law professor and bioethicist at Boston University, said, “What's going on now is probably legal, but Congress won't like it."
Regarding the companies, Mr. Annas said: "They won't be real happy that this is all out in the public. This threatens their business. Even if what they're doing is legal, the law can easily be changed."
Do they sell baby organs?  Yes.  
Do they profit?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  
Is it legal?  Perhaps.  
Are the mothers truly aware?  Is there full, appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards?  Perhaps, some of the time.  
All that and the reality of the industry's practices are troubling when viewed and considered publically.
More on the subject at Life and Conscience Issues and at PolitiFact

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