Monday, February 1, 2016

Accidents happen

... but poverty isn't one of them.

Did you know that more than one in five children in the US live in poverty?  How might that have happened?

No one succeeds on their own.  Everyone needs help along the way.

Think about your own kids.  

You feed them for free because if you don't, they'll die.

You shelter them for free because if you don't they'll die.

You get them the health care they need, and you protect them every day.

Keeping them alive is just the first task of a parent.  The big one is equipping them and making a place in the world for them.  Education, training and thinking, decisions and interactions, skills and grace and strength.  When they stumble along the way, you help them get up and back on track. You fight for them and defend them and pray for them; you have their back and applaud their success.

Family does that.  Community does that.  Christians do that.  Food for today, sure, but equipping and enabling for life is the greater service needed.  Food stamps are perhaps just one small part of helping folks get on track and have a life.

What are the key elements of falling into poverty and for rising up out of poverty?  Thought about it?  Anything we might help with?

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