Saturday, June 4, 2016

Leave me alone

The multi-billion dollar advertising industry is aggressive, persistent, conscienceless, and apparently impervious to reality.

Targeted advertising aims to sexualize our teens and tweens.  It aims to make folks obese and materialistic.  It insists that merchandise is immediately perishable and needs to be replaced regularly. They're somewhat successful, since they're getting paid.  A lot.  But they're lagging behind reality.

They haven't noticed that direct mailings have produced a less favorable response for twelve consecutive years.  The USPS total is approaching 140 billion pieces sent per year, almost half of which will go straight to the trash. They've missed the fact that no one wants to get their marketing emails or robo-calls.  They haven't a clue why TV ads are ignored or skipped.  Catch a customer on a bad day, and they'll report you to the FTC and the Better Business Bureau.

The second most destructive industry in America after the financial corporations, they are the enemy of health, reason, and meaningful life. Fortunately, most in the emerging generation have figured it out.  They're smarter than their parents; annoyance is apparently instructive.

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