Sunday, September 25, 2016

Great insight

You stumble across this profound article; it crosses your mind that it would be worth studying.  As you're stewing on the usefulness of what's there, ding ... there's an event on FB that needs your attention, and another ... and in a moment, it's all lost.

We're exposed to more information in a day than our grandparents saw in a month or more.  It's not just information.  It's drivel, propaganda, opinion, rhetoric, and advertising ... and perhaps some small quantity of useful information.  In a world of intense assault by media, how do we retain our identity, our focus, and a way forward?  

We can be defined by the issues that swirl around us, distracted over and over by the stimulus that pops up on social and news media.  A few weeks of that, and our awareness and priorities shift; true?  Yes.  And important things can drift into the background.

A deliberate intellect, a deliberate direction and focus can be pursued, but the battle is fierce these days.  Just having time for a little self-awareness and objectivity is difficult.  

Today more than ever, we need time outside the box; way outside.  :)  
(as in 'outside the computer, outside the television, outside the mobile device, and perhaps outside the house')