Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Future -- Change or Fail

If we don’t change, we'll be irrelevant. 

That's a troubling truth for both liberals and conservatives.  It's only funny if you're not a party loyalist.
The future includes knowns and unknowns.  Like it or not, things will change with only limited predictability.  Principles and truth will remain unchanged, but how we fulfill them will have to adapt.  
  • Justice and freedom from oppression
  • Freedom of speech, of faith, of assembly
  • Life, liberty, and equal protection under the law
Each will remain clearly true, right, and appropriate, but our pursuit of each will have to evolve.

Remember the civil rights era?  Once segregation ended, we thought discrimination would disappear, but it didn't; it just relocated.  We also thought racism would die out.

Instead, we see class distinctions and increasing inequality. We see violent fundamentalists, religious intolerance, and an emerging oligarchy ... and each poses a challenge to a rational society.

Inequality has become brutal. The law (policy, regulation, trade practices) favors the wealthy and influential. The bottom 90% has made little progress in the last five decades, and many have lost ground. Economic mobility has declined. Wages have declined. Impressive GDP gains have gone exclusively to the wealthiest 10%.

In the public realm, we're divided. It has crippled Congress and precipitated a number of major problems. Public approval is lower today than at any point in my lifetime. From generation to generation, we have progressively less confidence in institutions including church.       Why might that be?

Things will continue changing. Law, government, church, school, community, and culture ... each will become irrelevant or even harmful unless they adapt and mature. For our part, it's our choice, isn't it. How might we ourselves change and help with the journey toward freedom, justice, and equality?
For liberals and conservatives, both were effectively brushed aside in the recent election. Both are stunned by their inability to control their supposed constituencies.

Millennials, you'll note, are more interested in relationship and forgiveness than judgmentalism and stagnant
 traditions.  The prosperity gospel was an embarrassment. They want a faith connected to real life

Many Christian leaders today say the Millennial values and critiques have nothing to do with Jesus, who, according to them was all about avoiding damnation by a loving God.

Really? So all those healings of the sick, confronting hypocritical religious leaders, love your neighbor, and forgive your enemies stuff wasn’t the point. No wonder Millennials are leaving.

Perhaps there's more to life than politics and power, wealth and winning.  Merry Christmas.  💖 Really.