Friday, March 3, 2017

It's possible

For mankind, this is all impossible, perhaps.
But with God ... oh my friend, with God all things are possible.
 All things.
It's possible to have a worldview bigger than your culture.
It is possible to be a Christian and have an open mind. 
It's possible to believe in God and in science. 
It is possible to be pro-women and pro-life.
It's possible to have privilege and still face discrimination.
It's possible to be poor and to have a great heart and mind. 
It is possible to believe in both liberty and law. 
It's possible to love your neighbors and not share all their opinions. 
It's possible to be brilliant without a college degree. 
It is possible to be Muslim and suffer at the hands of terrorists. 
It is possible to be a foreigner who loves the American dream.
It is possible to be different and the same.

It's possible to listen to those that think differently than you, to understand why, and to learn from them.
Let great love win.  It's possible, and it's the better choice.

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