Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wall Street Prosecutions

Here's the updated list of Wall Street CEOs and others, serving time for their actions leading to the crash of the world marketplace.
Although the stage was set and the players were on the field by the turn of the century, it was in 2007 that they went far enough to crush the world.
A Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas analysis of the 2007-09 financial crisis and its aftermath estimates the cost in the range of $15 trillion-$30 trillion, or $50,000 to $100,000 per American household. One to two years of output produced by 310 million U.S. citizens is down the drain.
Hank Paulson – former CEO of Goldman 
Sachs; later as Treasury Secretary, he led the
bailout solution.   
In the documentary film Inside Job, Paulson   
is cited as one of the persons responsible for 
the Economic Meltdown of 2008 and named
in Time Magazine as one of the "25 People to

Blame for the Financial Crisis".
Investigations uncovered specific decisions by Wall Street executives to defraud and misinform clients, and to artificially manipulate the national and world markets so they could bet against it and extract wealth from the induced downturns.  Goldman Sachs executives perjured themselves before Congress, knowing full well they had done specifically what they denied.
Wall Street:
Arrests:  0
Currently or previously in jail:  0
Currently awaiting sentencing:  0
Currently awaiting trial:  0
Currently constrained from marketplace participation:  0
Total arrested and/or prosecuted for marketplace fraud and related actions:  0
Currently continuing precisely the same activities without restraint:  165,200

Bonuses:  According to the New York State Comptroller’s office, Wall Street firms handed out $26.7 billion in bonuses to their 165,200 employees last year (2013).  Average salary (not including the bonuses) for the financial sector, $360,700/yr plus immunity from criminal prosecution, apparently.

Protesters arrested: 7,775

Wall Street suicides:   0
Elsewhere:   900,000+  died in eastern and western Africa alone due to starvation specifically caused by the market upheaval.  See here and here and here.

Thanks and a hat tip to Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House.  At the behest of the banking industry, they obligingly repealed the laws that had protected us from such deadly practices. 

The arrests, in case you're interested...
Note: Only confirmed arrests specific to Occupy events are included. Please send questions to
Date Occupy City Number Arrested Description Source
6/24/2014 Mountain View 10 10 Occupy Google protesters arrested Link
9/17/2013 New York 3 3 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested Link
6/15/2013 San Francisco 2 Two protesters arrested outside former Hayes Valley farm site Link
6/13/2013 San Francisco 7 San Francisco Police Arrest Seven in Occupy Protest Link
5/21/2013 Washington, DC 17 Foreclosed Homeowners Arrested Protesting U.S. Refusal To Prosecute Big Banks Link
5/13/2013 Albany, CA 4 Police Raid Removes Occupy Protesters from UC Tract in Albany; Four Arrests Link
2/28/2013 Minneapolis 13 13 Occupy Homes protestors arrested at "Week of Action" rally Link
12/12/2012 Atlanta 4 Occupy Atlanta members arrested at foreclosed home Link
11/16/2012 Pasadena 6 Occupy protesters arrested at speech by Mexico leader Link
11/13/2012 Century City 6 Occupy Protest Outside Century City Deutsche Bank Blocks Traffic; 6 Arrested Link
11/12/2012 Milwaukee 4 March to protest death in police custody ends in 4 arrests Link
11/11/2012 Portland 1 Police arrest second Nov. 3 Occupy protester Link
10/25/2012 Oakland 2 2 Arrested In Occupy Oakland Anniversary March Link
10/17/2012 Des Moines 5 Occupy activists arrested at World Food Prize event Link
10/9/2012 Charlotte 1 Occupy Charlotte protester arrested for camping in uptown Link
10/6/2012 San Francisco 22 SF police defend use of excessive force during Occupy protest Link
Austin 3 3 arrests following Occupy Austin march Link
9/27/2012 San Francisco 39 Downtown S.F. says adios to Occupy camp Link
9/17/2012 New York 185 185 Arrested on Occupy Wall St. Anniversary Link
9/16/2012 New York 2 Two Women Wrongfully Arrested for Standing on Sidewalk Holding Pink Bras Link
9/15/2012 New York 25 NYPD Arrest 25 in Re-Occupy Protests Link
9/14/2012 Sebastopol 1 Occupy Sebastopol leader arrested on threat charges Link
9/12/2012 Oxnard 9 Nine arrested during 'Occupy Monsanto' protest in Oxnard Link
9/5/2012 Kalamazoo 4 Police: 4 arrests made at Occupy Kalamazoo camp Link
8/9/2012 Austin 2 Arrested for Chalking? Occupy Austin Members Face Misdemeanor Charges Link
8/2/2012 Philadelphia 5 Pres. candidate Jill Stein arrested In Philadelphia during bank sit-in Link
8/1/2012 Portland 1 Portland demonstrators leave City Hall, 1 arrest Link
7/21/2012 Rochester 18 Occupy Rochester protest ends in 18 arrests Link
7/15/2012 Monte Rio 1 75-Year-Old Arrested In Sonoma County At ‘Occupy Bohemian Grove’ Protest Link
7/13/2012 Los Angeles 17 Police arrest sidewalk chalk-drawers in LA Occupy protest Link
7/12/2012 New York 3 At Least 3 Arrested at Zuccotti Park After Occupy March Link
7/11/2012 Eugene 1 1 arrest as most Occupy Eugene members leave plaza Link
7/6/2012 New York 3 Demonstrators Chain Themselves Across Brooklyn Bridge To Protest Citizens United Link
7/4/2012 Oakland 1 Protester arrested on suspicion of not having a sound permit Link
7/2/2012 Philadelphia 26 26 arrested at Occupy's National Gathering Link
6/21/2012 Minneapolis 15 Occupy Homes protesters arrrested include rapper Brother Ali Link
6/14/2012 Albany 4 'Occupy' march leads to 4 arrests Link
6/7/2012 New York 9 Police Make 9 Arrests at March Supporting Protests in Quebec Link
Milwaukee 5 Police arrest 5 at downtown Occupy Milwaukee protest Link
6/6/2012 Chicago 12 A Dozen Protesters Arrested During March On Michigan Avenue Link
5/31/2012 Albany 6 6 arrested during minimum wage protest in Albany Link
5/31/2012 Minneapolis 14 14 arrested during foreclosure protest in Mpls Link
5/29/2012 Minneapolis 3 3 arrested in Mpls. Occupy protest Link
5/26/2012 Minneapolis 5 Deputies arrest 5 protesters in Minneapolis eviction Link
5/24/2012 Portland 12 12 arrested in Occupy protest to support post office Link
5/16/2012 Little Rock 4 Four arrested as police clear Occupy Little Rock site Link
5/14/2012 Albany, CA 9 9 arrested after UC police clear out "Occupy the Farm" settlement Link
5/12/2012 Denver 2 Occupy protest of urban camping ban leads to 2 arrests Link
5/9/2012 Charlotte 6 Protesters assail BofA mortgage practices Link
5/4/2012 Des Moines 4 Occupy Protesters Arrested at Foreclosure Auction in Des Moines Link
5/1/2012 Seattle 8 Violence, arrests at Seattle May Day protests Link
Portland 12 Arrests in early Portland May Day protest Link
Oakland 39 39 arrested in Oakland May Day protests Link
Miami 3 Occupy Miami protesters march; three arrested Link
New York 97 The NYPD May Day siege Link
Philadelphia 2 2 Arrested in Occupy Protests Link
Los Angeles 13 At least 13 arrested in L.A. May Day protests Link
Albany 23 Arrests mark Occupy's return Link
4/26/2012 New York 19 Hundreds march in ACT UP/Occupy rally, 19 arrested Link
San Marino 1 Woman with cerebral palsey fighting foreclosure arrested in appeal to Wells Fargo CFO Link
Eugene 3 Kids March Leads to Disturbance, Arrests Link
4/24/2012 San Francisco 24 2 dozen arrested for demonstrating at Wells Fargo shareholders meeting Link
4/21/2012 Washington, DC 3 International Monetary Fund: 3 arrested outside IMF meeting in D.C. Link
Portland 1 Boy charged after police clear 30 people trying to re-occupy Chapman Square Link
4/20/2012 New York 10 Wall St. Protesters Lying on Sidewalk Are Arrested Link
4/18/2012 New Haven 13 Occupy New Haven encampment cleared out; 13 protesters arrested Link
4/16/2012 New York 10 Ten Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested last night at Federal Hall Link
4/13/2012 Chicago 23 Save Our Clinics: Chicago Activists Occupy to Save Mental Health Services Link
4/10/2012 Washington, DC 2 Occupy takes protest to street -- the one near Bank of America Link
4/9/2012 Raleigh 9 Occupiers arrested during protest at Southeast Raleigh foreclosure Link
4/7/2012 Minneapolis 12 Cameraman shoved during arrests at Occupy rally Link
3/29/2012 Washington, DC 1 Occupy D.C. tents removed by Park Police in McPherson Square Link
3/24/2012 New York 14 Police arrest 14 in two New York Occupy protests Link
3/21/2012 New York 6 New York police eject Occupy protesters, arrest six Link
3/20/2012 Boston 2 Two protesters held after Occupy march Link
3/17/2012 New York 73 73 arrested on Occupy Wall Street six month anniversary Link
Los Angeles 4 Arrests made at Occupy event downtown Link
Philadelphia 1 Instead of receiving her award, Penn grad student is thrown in jail Link
3/16/2012 New York 5 Occupy, furniture unwelcome at BofA Link
St. Louis 14 Occupy protest arrests in St. Louis; some bloodied Link
3/12/2012 Atlanta 14 14 Occupy Atlanta protesters arrested at Chase banks Link
3/6/2012 Sacramento 1 'Occupy' protester arrested for throwing flower petals in Capitol Link
3/5/2012 Sacramento 72 72 arrested during ‘occupy the Capitol’ student protest Link
Palm Beach 4 Occupy Palm Beach Camp Shut Down; Four Protesters Arrested Link
Cleveland 5 Occupy Cleveland disrupts sheriff's sale of foreclosed properties Link
3/1/2012 Tucson 21 Police push Occupy Tucson from DeAnza Park, 21 arrested Link
2/29/2012 New York 10 Occupy Wall Street Roars Back: Ten Arrests at NYC Protests Link
Kansas City 4 Police arrest four more at Occupy KC Link
Washington, DC 12 Occupy DC protesters arrested outside Monsanto Link
Portland 7 Over 1,000 take part in Occupy Portland F29 march, 7 arrested Link
Orlando 1 Occupy protester arrested for 3rd time for sidewalk chalk Link
Groton 8 Eight arrested when Occupy movement comes to Pfizer Link
Erie 4 Occupy Erie members enter not guilty pleas in bank trespass case Link
2/27/2012 Seattle 10 Protesters calling for police chief's ouster arrested Link
2/25/2012 Louisville 5 Caught on camera: Occupy Louisville protest turns violent, five people arrested Link
Sarasota 1 Disabled Occupier arrested for sidewalk chalking Link
2/17/2012 Asheville 3 Occupy Asheville protesters break camp peacefully - 3 arrested Link
2/16/2012 New Paltz 4 Occupy New Paltz protesters speak out after 4 arrested Link
2/14/2012 Tacoma 3 Protesters disrupt Santorum speech, get arrested Link
2/13/2012 Atlanta 12 12 Occupy Atlanta followers arrested in AT&T protest Link
Washington, DC 2 Occupy protesters arrested at "targeted Occupation" of Merrill Lynch Link
2/10/2012 Atlanta 8 8 Occupy Atlanta protesters arrested Link
2/9/2012 Los Angeles 2 Two Occupy L.A. protesters arrested at foreclosure event Link
2/8/2012 Oakland 1 Occupy Oakland protester arrested for violating stay-away order Link
2/6/2012 Portland 10 At least 10 arrested in Occupy protest in Southeast Portland Link
Flint 2 Two Occupy Flint protesters arrested for carrying weapons Link
2/5/2012 Washington DC 1 1 arrested at Freedom Plaza Link
2/4/2012 Washington, DC 11 11 arrested at Occupy DC site Link
Austin 5 Police evict protesters at Occupy Austin encampment Link
2/2/2012 Buffalo 10 Occupy Buffalo removed from Niagara Square Link
Orlando 2 Report: Two occupy Orlando protesters arrested Link
Honolulu 1 Occupy Honolulu protestor arrested, belongings confiscated Link
1/31/2012 Miami 3 3 arrested at Occupy Miami Link
1/30/2012 Charlotte 7 7 arrested as Charlotte police tear down Occupy protest camp Link
New York 12 12 Arrested at Manhattan March for Oakland Protesters Link
1/29/2012 Washington, DC 1 One protester tased, arrested at Occupy D.C. Link
Des Moines 12 12 Occupy protesters arrested outside of State Capitol Link
Tampa 2 Police arrest two Occupy Tampa protesters they say confronted officers Link
Philadelphia 2 2 Occupy Philly protesters arrested at Oakland solidarity rally Link
1/28/2012 Oakland 409 Occupy Oakland Mass Arrest Leads to Only 12 Charges Link
1/27/2012 Washington, DC 3 Occupy D.C. Protesters Arrested Link
Reno 1 Reno police arrest one Occupy protester Link
1/26/2012 New York 37 Occupy protesters disrupt NY foreclosure auction Link
1/25/2012 Portland 4 Four arrested during Occupy Portland rally Link
Miami 3 3 More Occupy Members Arrested At Boca GAIM Conference Link
1/24/2012 Miami 3 3 Occupy Members Arrested Blocking Boca Raton Bridge Outside GAIM Conference Link
1/23/2012 Hull 2 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in Ga. Link
1/22/2012 Salt Lake City 1 Occupy SLC activist arrested at Sundance Film Festival Link
Raleigh 2 Occupy Raleigh marks 100th day; two arrested Link
1/20/2012 San Francisco 23 23 arrested during "Day of Action" protests at banks & hotel Link
Washinton, DC 12 12 persons arrested during 'Occupy' protests at U.S. Supreme Court Link
1/19/2012 Syracuse 7 Cops boot Occupy Wall St. encampment in Syracuse Link
Eureka 6 Six arrested squatting at vacant house protesting foreclosures Link
1/17/2012 Washington, DC 4 Handful of protesters arrested during ‘Occupy Congress’ Link
Missoula 1 Occupy Missoula protesters evicted from courthouse lawn Link
1/16/2012 Baltimore 6 State Police arrest six members of Occupy Baltimore Link
New York 4 Occupy Wall Street marks MLK day in NY; 4 arrested Link
1/14/2012 Oakland 2 Occupy Oakland antipolice rally brings 2 arrests Link
1/13/2012 San Diego 4 4 arrested for disrupting Mayoral debate Link
1/12/2012 Los Angeles 2 Prosecutors aim new weapon at Occupy activists: lynching allegation Link
1/11/2012 Miami 7 Seven people arrested at Occupy FIU event Link
1/10/2012 Philadelphia 3 Amtrak police arrest Occupy protesters for mic check Link
1/9/2012 Eureka 5 Protester arrested for hoisting own flag Link
Boulder 1 Protester arrested after Boulder encampment cleared Link
1/7/2012 Charlotte 2 'Walkupy' protesters arrive in Charlotte, 2 arrested Link
Oakland 6 Occupy Oakland plans more antipolice rallies Link
San Franciso 1 Protester arrested in Occupy SF event Link
Santa Rosa 7 Seven Arrested at Occupy Santa Rosa Rally Link
San Diego 3 3 Arrested at Occupy San Diego Link
1/6/2012 Darien 1 Occupy Darien organizer arrested for breach of peace, other charges Link
1/4/2012 Oakland 12 12 Occupy Oakland activists arrested; camp dismantled again Link
1/2/2012 Des Moines 12 12 arrested at "die-in" in hotel lobby Link
Des Moines 3 3 Occupy protesters arrested at Romney event Link
New York 3 Cops bust three in flash mob protesting NDAA Link
New York 6 Occupy Livestream operators arrested Link
Bloomington 3 Bloomington mayor rethinks allowing Occupy camp Link
1/1/2012 New York 68 Cops arrest 68 as Occupy Wall Street protesters try to ‘retake’ Zuccotti Park Link
Des Moines 1 Protester arrested at Romney's Des Moines office Link
12/31/2011 Urbandale 18 18 arrested at Iowa campaign offices of Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum Link
12/30/2011 Oakland 14 Police arrest 14 in separate confrontations with Occupy Oakland protesters Link
Oakland 12 Occupy Oakland protesters arrested at foreclosed home Link
Charlotte 2 2 Occupy Charlotte members arrested for burning American flags Link
Honolulu 2 Police arrest 2 Occupy Honolulu campers at park Link
Kokomo 2 Dollar covering mouth sparks arrests at courthouse Link
12/29/2011 Des Moines 12 14-Year-Old Occupier Arrested at Iowa Democratic Party Headquarters Link
Des Moines 5 Arrests outside the Iowa campaign headquarters of Ron Paul Link
12/28/2011 Des Moines 10 Occupy protesters arrested at Romney office, bank Link
Bellingham 4 Police clear Occupy Bellingham camp, arrest 4 protesters Link
12/25/2011 Eugene 4 Occupy protesters arrested for pitching tents on councilor's lawn Link
12/22/2011 Albany 4 Camp cleared, protesters pepper sprayed Link
Orlando 1 Protester arrested for sidewalk chalk - second time in a week Link
San Diego 4 Tension over new Occupy San Diego arrests Link
Buffalo 1 Second Occupy Camp Raided Link
Tucson 1 Police evict Occupy Tucson from downtown park Link
Berkeley 2 Police use batons, nearly clear Occupy camp Link
12/21/2011 Long Beach 1 Police Brutality Alleged in Arrest at Occupy Long Beach Site Link
12/20/2011 Washington, DC 7 Arrests for second night in NDAA protests at White House Link
Winston-Salem 1 One arrested as police disband Occupy protest at City Hall Link
12/19/2011 Des Moines 8 8 Occupy protesters arrested at Democratic HQ Link
San Antonio 5 Police arrest 5 Occupy S.A. protesters Link
Denver 9 Police clear camp; some protesters set tents on fire Link
Binghamton 2 Occupy Binghamton Protesters Arrested After Bank Occupation Link
San Francisco 3 Police arrest Occupy SF protesters Link
Washington, DC 11 11 arrested while protesting National Defense Authorization Act Link
12/18/2011 Los Angeles 7 Occupy L.A: Seven Arrests Reported Over Weekend Link
Portland 1 March participant arrested for allegedly spitting on security officer Link
12/17/2011 Raleigh 6 Six protesters arrested in 'Occupy Raleigh' march Link
Oakland 3 Three arrested for refusing to remove supplies, sleeping bags Link
New York 50 50 arrested trying to occupy church lot Link
Pensacola 2 Two charged with trespassing on lawn of Pensacola City Hall Link
Portland 2 Two arrested in Occupy Portland march Link
12/16/2011 Portland 1 One person arrested at flash mob Link
12/15/2011 Norfolk 4 4 arrested at Norfolk 'Occupy' protest over military detention Link
Orlando 1 Occupy Orlando demonstrator arrested at City Hall for writing on sidewalk with chalk Link
12/14/2011 New Orleans 2 2 arrested as Occupy NOLA makes last stand Link
12/13/2011 Orlando 1 Cop takes down jaywalking Occupy Orlando protester Link
Brattleboro 11 Brattleboro, Vt. police arrest 11 women Link
Portland 1 One arrested in Occupy protest at Portland World Trade Center Link
12/12/2011 New York 17 Police arrest Occupy protesters in New York Link
Denver 13 Occupy activists arrested blocking trucks at Loveland Walmart Link
Portland 2 Occupy protesters force closure of 3 PDX terminals Link
Houston 19 Occupy Houston holds protest at Houston port, 19 arrested Link
Seattle 11 Multiple arrests as Occupy protesters rally outside Port of Seattle Link
Port Hueneme 1 Lawyer arrested in Occupy protest at Port Hueneme Link
Los Angeles 2 At Least 2 Arrested in 'Occupy' Protest at Port of Long Beach Link
San Diego 5 5 'Occupy' protesters arrested at port Link
Bellingham 12 Dozen Occupy Bellingham protesters released after spending night in jail Link
12/11/2011 San Francisco 55 Occupy SF: Police clear last camp, arrest 55 Link
12/10/2011 Boston 47 Police arrest 47 as Boston Occupy camp is broken up Link
Erie 1 Protester Arrested as City Removes Occupy Erie Tents Link
12/9/2011 Sacramento 1 Protester Comes Down From Tree, Arrested Link
Bremerton 1 Another Occupy arrest at Kitsap County foreclosure auction Link
Grand Junction 3 Arrests made as Occupy GJ disrupts foreclosure auction Link
Springfield, IL 2 Two cited outside congressman’s office for writing on sidewalk Link
Phoenix 6 Police arrest 6 protesters, seize camping equipment Link
12/8/2011 Sacramento 21 21 Occupy Sacramento Protesters Arrested Link
Orlando 5 Five Occupy Orlando demonstrators arrested for camping near park Link
Ft. Worth 1 Occupy Fort Worth protester arrested a second time Link
Santa Cruz 8 Police clear Occupy Santa Cruz camp, arrest 8 people Link
12/7/2011 San Francisco 70 S.F. police raid Occupy camp, arrest 70 Link
Washington, DC 85 Police arrest 85 total in 3 incidents Link
Boulder 7 Occupy Boulder Gets Deaf Ear From City Council Link
Dayton 5 5 Occupy Dayton members arrested Link
12/6/2011 New Orleans 1 Police clear out Occupy New Orleans camp Link
Tucson 8 TPD arrests 8 occupiers Monday, 2 booked into jail Link
Washington, DC 1 Take Back the Capitol protests at lawmakers' offices Link
Atlanta 1 Occupy protesters show up at foreclosure sales Link
Hartford 1 Occupy Hartford Protester Was Arrested and Fired On Same Day Link
12/5/2011 San Diego 9 Nine Occupy San Diego protesters arrested Link
Orlando 7 7 arrested in separate incidents Link
Medford 6 Occupiers demand town hall meetings Link
Bend 8 Occupiers demand town hall meetings Link
Portland 1 One arrested at Occupy protest Link
Bowling Green 3 3 arrested when police break up Occupy BG camp Link
12/4/2011 Portland 19 Riot police move quickly to thwart new protest site Link
Washington, DC 31 Police arrest protesters who refused to dismantle a wooden structure they built Link
New York 6 Occupy Wall Street Hunger Strikers Arrested Twice in 12-Hour Span Link
Santa Cruz 2 Occupy Santa Cruz cleared from county property Link
12/3/2011 Seattle 16 Cops arrest 16 for occupying a building Link
Bronx 5 Police break up rally at community garden Link
Nashville 4 4 arrested for refusing to stay on a sidewalk Link
Los Angeles 1 Occupy L.A. protesters return to downtown streets Link
12/2/2011 New Haven 2 Arrests after shouting match over upside down flag Link
Bremerton 1 Occupy group stages protest during foreclosure auction Link
12/1/2011 Tampa 29 Police make first mass arrests of Occupy Tampa protesters Link
San Francisco 2 2 Occupy SF protesters arrested in scuffles Link
Eureka 1 Police clear Occupy Eureka structure, detain 11 Link
Boston 1 1 Arrested After Occupy Boston Sink Fight Link
Phoenix 6 Occupy Phoenix Demonstrators Arrested, Pepper Sprayed Link
Minneapolis 2 2 Arrested After Occupy MN Protesters Set Up Tents Link
11/30/2011 Los Angeles 292 Occupy L.A.: 292 arrested in camp shutdown Link
Philadelphia 52 More than 50 arrested as police clear Occupy Philly Link
Tucson 11 11 Occupy Tucson protesters arrested Wednesday night Link
Charlottesville 18 Police apprehend Occupy protesters Link
Bloomington 5 Five Occupy Protesters Arrested For IU Demonstration Link
Riverside 3 3 arrested when police clear Occupy camp Link
11/29/2011 San Diego 1 Activist cited for trespass at Occupy SD Link
Tampa 2 2 arrests at Occupy Tampa Link
Olympia 11 Occupy protesters hold peaceful rally in state Capitol Link
Tucson 2 Chalking, assault lead to arrests of Occupy Tucson demonstrators Link
11/28/2011 Los Angeles 5 Five arrested after deadline passes for Occupy LA Link
Olympia 4 Police arrest, tase protesters at state Capitol Link
Wilmington 1 Occupy Protester arrested in Wilmington Link
11/27/2011 Augusta, ME 9 Nine protesters arrested in Augusta Link
11/26/2011 Tucson 2 Two more early morning arrests at Occupy Tucson Link
11/25/2011 Raleigh 6 Six protesters arrested at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh Link
Syracuse 6 Occupy Syracuse protesters arrested in Black Friday demonstration Link
Harrisburg 1 Occupy Harrisburg zombie protester arrested at Mall Link
Oklahoma City 10 10 Occupy OKC protesters arrested in Del City Link
Portland, ME 5 Five arrested at Occupy Maine Link
Austin 1 Occupy Austin expands to Bee Cave, Capitol Link
Eugene 1 Protester arrested during Black Friday shopping at Walmart Link
Tucson 1 Former mayoral candidate arrested at Occupy Tucson Link
11/24/2011 Oakland 1 One arrest after protesters confront police over portable toilets Link
San Diego 4 4 arrests at Occupy San Diego Link
Tucson 34 Police cite 34 'Occupy Tucson' protesters Link
11/23/2011 Charleston 10 Occupy demonstrators to be released on bond Link
11/22/2011 Austin 1 Occupy Austin protester arrested Link
11/21/2011 Springfield, MA 15 Police arrest 15 at Massachusetts foreclosure protest Link
Colorado Springs 1 Occupy Protester Arrested, Permit Denied Link
11/20/2011 Albany 48 Biggest Occupy Albany arrest yet Link
San Francisco 6 SF police arrest 6 Occupy protesters in early raid Link
11/19/2011 Minneapolis 2 Two arrested as protesters 'occupy' U lecturer's house Link
11/18/2011 Davis 10 Police pepper-spray seated protesters at UC Davis Link
Los Angeles 14 14 arrested in anti-Wall Street protests at UCLA Link
Eugene 17 17 arrested in Occupy Eugene protests Link
Phoenix 8 8 protesters arrested at Occupy Phoenix Link
Portland, ME 2 A violent overnight at Occupy Maine site Link
Austin 5 Police arrest five chained to tree at Occupy Austin Link
Philadelphia 12 Occupy Philly Protesters Arrested At Center City Bank Sit-In Link
Ft. Myers 1 Occupy kicked out of Fort Myers park, 1 arrested Link
Albany 4 4 arrests at Occupy Albany Link
Hartford 13 New mayor’s wife arrested at Occupy Hartford protest Link
11/17/2011 Houston 12 Houston police arrest 12 for march on bridge Link
Philadelphia 24 Occupy Philly Moves Following Arrests Link
St. Louis 14 Fourteen arrested as unions, Occupy St. Louis protestors unite Link
Minneapolis 11 Police arrest 11 during Occupy Minnesota protest Link
Los Angeles 72 Occupy L.A.: 72 people arrested in downtown protests Link
Dallas 17 Occupy Dallas protesters evicted, more than a dozen arrested Link
New York 300 Police: 300 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in NYC Link
Portland 25 25 arrested in Portland Link
Atlanta 8 8 Occupy Atlanta protesters arrested Link
Las Vegas 21 21 arrested in orchestrated Occupy Las Vegas demonstration Link
Berkeley 2 Police clear Occupy Cal encampment Link
Tampa 3 Police arrest three more Occupy Tampa protesters Link
San Jose 1 Protester at 'Occupy San Jose' arrested for camping Link
Milwaukee 4 Occupy demonstration closes North Ave. bridge Link
11/16/2011 San Francisco 100 San Francisco police arrest 100 in Bank of America protest Link
Columbia 19 Troopers arrest 19 at Occupy Columbia Link
Wichita 1 Protester arrested at governor’s town hall meeting on poverty Link
Fresno 3 3 Occupy Fresno protesters arrested today Link
Portland 1 Occupy Portland: 4 hour-long rally and march from PSU includes arrest Link
Pittsburgh 5 5 arrested in Occupy Pittsburgh protests Link
San Diego 9 Occupy San Diego: 9 arrested in sweep of homeless encampment Link
Des Moines 1 Police, protesters tell different stories in Occupy Des Moines arrest Link
Cincinnati 15 15 Occupy Cincinnati protesters arrested Link
11/15/2011 New York 200 Occupy Wall St. cleared out, 200+ arrested; court upholds eviction Link
Charlotte 8 Arrests made in front of Charlotte B of A Link
Los Angeles 5 5 Occupy LA protesters face charges in camp crimes Link
Albany 3 At least 3 protesters arrested Link
Seattle 6 Elderly woman, priest pepper-sprayed during Seattle Occupy protest Link
Houston 1 Dispute over what's a tent leads to arrest Link
Isla Vista 1 Occupy Isla Vista Protester Arrested for Sleeping in Park Link
Columbus 7 Police in Ohio arrest 7 Occupy protesters at bank Link
El Paso 7 El Paso arrests 7 Occupy protesters Link
Asheville 1 "Occupy Asheville" Relocation & Arrest Link
11/14/2011 Oakland 32 Cops dismantle Occupy Oakland, arrest 32 Link
Eureka 33 Occupy Eureka camp raided, 33 arrested Link
Tulsa 6 Arrests resume as Occupy Tulsa members return to civil disobedience Link
11/13/2011 Portland 50 Portland police arrest over 50 as protest camps cleared Link
Denver 3 Three protesters arrested, two officers hurt in Occupy Denver shoving match Link
Albany 13 13 more Occupy Albany arrests - city says it won't prosecute those arrested over weekend Link
Gainesville 3 3 arrested, 20 given notice to appear at Occupy Gainesville Link
Fresno 5 Park arrests continue for Occupy Fresno Link
San Diego 5 Despite arrests, Occupy San Diego protest continues Link
11/12/2011 St. Louis 27 27 Occupy St. Louis protesters arrested Link
Salt Lake City 19 19 arrested for failing to remove tents; site razed Link
Denver 17 Police force Occupy Denver to move their property Link
Fresno 1 One overnight arrest at Occupy Fresno assembly Link
Springfield, MO 8 Police arrest eight Occupy Springfield protesters Link
Asheville 3 Three veterans arrested at Occupy Asheville Link
Albany 24 24 more arrested at Occupy Albany Link
Albany 1 Occupy Albany protester arrested on trespassing charge Link
11/11/2011 Denver 1 Occupy Denver protesters invade conservative conference, one man arrested Link
Seattle 2 Occupy Seattle protesters square off with police Link
11/10/2011 Fresno 11 Occupy Fresno showdown yields another 11 arrests Link
Norfolk 6 Norfolk police arrest 7 Occupy protesters Link
Los Angeles 11 11 arrested during protest near UCLA Link
Tucson 11 Tucson Police make 11 more Occupy Tucson arrests Link
Richmond 2 Occupy Richmond protesters leave park Link
Burlington 1 Chaos erupts in Burlington’s Occupy Vermont Camp Link
11/9/2011 Berkeley 39 Cops arrest dozens of Occupy Cal protesters Link
Mobile 20 About 20 Occupy Mobile protesters were arrested early Wednesday morning Link
Houston 7 Occupy protesters in Houston remained defiant as police carted some of them off to jail Link
Dallas 8 Police arrest 8 Occupy protesters in Dallas demos Link
Tampa 3 Three More Protesters Arrested in Public Park; First Amendment Struggle Continues Link
Fresno 7 For a fourth straight night Occupy Fresno protesters arrested Link
11/8/2011 Fresno 9 For a third straight night Occupy Fresno protesters arrested Link
Asheville 1 Occupy Asheville protester arrested for passing out fliers Link
Eureka 13 Eureka police officers in riot gear arrest 13 Link
11/7/2011 Atlanta 5 Police arrest 5 more at Occupy Atlanta Link
Tampa 8 Four Occupy Tampa protesters arrested for second night Link
Portland 2 Police arrest 2 at Occupy Portland camp Link
Tucson 24 2 dozen Occupy Tucson protesters arrested Link
Fresno 8 Eight more arrests - 2nd occurrence in past two days Link
11/6/2011 Honolulu 8 Police arrest Occupy Honolulu protesters Link
Riverside 11 Riverside police arrest 11 protesters Link
Fresno 13 Thirteen Occupy Fresno protesters arrested at courthouse - released from jail Link
Santa Rosa 3 Three arrested at 'Occupy' event in Santa Rosa Link
Orlando 12 Protestors arrested during a First Amendment "teach-in" Link
11/5/2011 Dallas 8 Eight arrests at Dallas bank protest Link
Asheville 4 Four more Occupy Asheville protesters arrested Link
New York 20 Around 20 arrested at Wall Street demonstration Link
Atlanta 20 Police arrest more Occupy Atlanta protesters Link
Boston 4 Four Occupy Boston protesters arrested Link
Worcester 21 Occupy Worcester activists arrested after move to Common Link
Colorado Springs 2 Police arrest two Occupy Colorado Springs protesters Link
Anchorage 1 At least one arrested at 'occupy' bank protest Link
Phoenix 3 3 arrests connected to Occupy Phoenix Link
Lincoln 4 Four arrested during Occupy Lincoln action at Wells Fargo Link
11/4/2011 Olympia 2 5 'Occupy Washington' tents removed, 2 arrested Link
Washington, DC 6 6 arrested at conservative group's dinner Link
Tulsa 23 10 more Occupy Tulsa protesters arrested - total now 23 in past 24 hours Link
11/3/2011 New York 15 15 Occupy Wall Street protesters, including Chris Hedges, arrested outside Goldman Sachs Link
Rochester 50 16 arrested at Occupy Rochester event in city park, bringing total to 50 in past week Link
Asheville 24 Asheville police arrest 24 Occupy Asheville members Link
Oakland 80 After a night of confrontations with police, 80 arrests in downtown Oakland Link
Philadelphia 10 Ten arrested at Occupy Philadelphia sit in at Comcast Link
Detroit 2 “Occupy Detroit” Protestors Arrested At Wayne State Link
Seattle 7 Occupy Seattle: Street clashes, arrests as bank leader speak Link
11/2/2011 Milwaukee 3 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photojournalist, two college students arrested at Occupy protest Link
Omaha 3 Protesters Consider Legal Action Against City Link
Cleveland 1 Medina man charged with disorderly conduct at OC Link
Coachella Valley 1 Police arrest 66-year old woman Link
Toledo 2 2 Occupy Toledo supporters arrested Link
11/1/2011 Coachella Valley 9 Nine Arrested as Police Clear Out Occupy Coachella Valley Link
10/31/2011 Richmond 9 Police erase Occupy Richmond tent site - 9 arrested Link
10/30/2011 Austin 38 Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested in Austin Link
Portland 24 Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested in Portland Link
10/29/2011 Denver 20 Occupy Denver protesters, law enforcement officers clash; 20 arrested Link
Nashville 53 State troopers for the second time arrest more than two dozen Occupy Nashville protesters Link
10/28/2011 Tucson 370 Tucson police arrested 18 Occupy Tucson demonstrators, bringing the total to nearly 370 arrests Link
Raleigh 8 Eight at Occupy Raleigh arrested after standoff Link
Tampa 11 3 arrested at Occupy Tampa - 2 charged with felony battery on police officer; total arrests now 11 Link
San Diego 53 51 Occupy San Diego protesters arrested Friday morning and two more were arrested later in day Link
Albuquerque 31 Occupy Albuquerque arrests Link
10/27/2011 Indianapolis 1 Police arrest 1st Indianapolis Occupy protester Link
Oakland 2 Occupy Oakland arrests at BART station Link
Orlando 2 2 Arrested At Occupy Orlando Protest Link
10/25/2011 Atlanta 52 Atlanta police arrest more than 50 Wall Street protesters Link
San Jose 7 7 More ‘Occupy San Jose’ Arrests; Protester Remains On Wall Link
Oakland 75 Riot police fire beanbag rounds and teargas, arrest 75 at Occupy Oakland Link
10/24/2011 Chicago 130 130 arrested at Occupy Chicago Link
Sacramento 74 Lawyers May Sue Sacramento City Over ‘Occupy Sacramento’ Arrests Link
Cincinnati 11 11 arrested at Occupy Cincinnati Link
Dallas 23 Occupy Dallas Protesters Arrested outside Bank Link
Philadelphia 15 15 arrested at Occupy Philadelphia Link
10/22/2011 New York 30 30 Occupy Wall Street protesters, including Cornell West arrested in NY Link
San Jose 8 8 'Occupy San Jose' protesters arrested, man in wheel chair cited Link
Santa Ana 4 Four protesters arrested in Orange County for camping Link
Seattle 2 2 more arrests as Occupy Seattle enters its 4th weekend Link
Orlando 19 19 arrested at Occupy Orlando Link
10/21/2011 Cleveland 12 Protester arrested at governor’s town hall meeting on poverty Link
10/20/2011 Minneapolis 7 Occupy MN: Seven arrested at US Bank protest Link
Manchester 5 NH protestors to regroup after Manchester arrests Link
10/18/2011 Washington, DC 19 Cornel West, 18 others arrested for protesting at the Supreme Court. Link
10/17/2011 Long Beach 2 Occupy Long Beach ends with arrests, citations Link
10/16/2011 Chicago 175 175 arrested in Chicago Link
Denver 24 24 arrested in Denver Link
Phoenix 40 40 arrested in Phoenix Link
Fort Worth 5 Arrests at Occupy Fort Worth protest Link
Raleigh 19 19 arrested in Raleigh Link
10/15/2011 Minneapolis 1 First arrest made at Occupy MN rally Link
New York 92 Invasion of Times Square leads to 92 arrests Link
10/14/2011 New York 14 Protesters arrested in New York Link
San Diego 1 At least 1 protester arrested in San Diego Link
Gainesville 4 Four ‘Occupy' protesters arrested for not leaving plaza Link
Seattle 41 Protesters arrested in Seattle Link
10/13/2011 Washington, DC 8 U.S. Capitol Police arrested eight anti-war protesters in D.C. for disrupting Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Link
Austin 4 Four Occupy Austin protesters arrested Link
Portland 8 Police arrest 8 Occupy Portland protesters, clear way on Main Street Link
10/12/2011 San Francisco 11 11 protesters arrested after shutting down entrances to the Wells Fargo corp. headquarters Link
10/11/2011 Washington, DC 6 Occupy DC protesters arrested after unfurling banners in Senate building Link
Washington, DC 4 Four arrested protesting free trade agreements Link
Boston 141 141 arrests in Boston "Occupy" protests Link
10/10/2011 Des Moines 32 Arrests and Pepper Spray at Occupy Des Moines Link
10/6/2011 Santa Barbara 8 Occupy S.B. Protesters Get Arrested and Go on Record Link
St. Louis 10 OccupySTL demonstrators remain at Kiener Link
10/5/2011 Seattle 25 25 arrested at Occupy Seattle Link
10/1/2011 New York 700 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge Link
Boston 24 24 Arrests at Bank of America Protest in Boston Link
9/24/2011 New York 80 At least 80 arrested at Occupy Wall Street march Link

Note: Only confirmed arrests specific to Occupy events are included. Please send questions to

And on Wall Street - "Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." – From George Orwell’s Animal Farm