Monday, August 22, 2011

Episode X - Final Choices

Francis Schaeffer's last chapter notes that in the scheme of history, this current generation chooses what comes next. So how does that work out? Do we build on the lessons of our varied past? Or do we choose en masse for our personal satisfaction and pleasure?

An African pastor friend described modern choice, "... when you study political science you will understand, man cannot agree on anything if it doesn't favor him."

So what do our choices reveal; what are the goals this current generation has chosen?

Great goodness?
Nobility, courage, justice, compassion?

Or are the goals just more of the same? Wealth, luxury, leisure, personal pleasure, removal of restraints?

Can you tell? Is it visible in our cultural expression? Consider MTV's 'Jersey Shore' as an example. (OK, it's a really bad example, I know.)

The show is about a group of US youths, and it has record ratings, but it offends some, it seems. Some advertisers have asked that their ads not be aired during the show; Dell, Domino's, and American Family Insurance. UNICO National formally requested that MTV cancel the show.

The series has been exported to dozens of countries worldwide. It's the face we show the world. MTV leads the international media marketplace for such things. Nothing is more bizarre than children on the far side of the world quoting some MTVism to you by way of greeting.  (I can't adequately describe the disappointing realization that that's how they saw me and my country and my culture.)

Has this current generation made its choice?
We face personal decisions daily that are often counter to our culture. When we're thinking straight, we hope and intend to choose magnificence of character, but the world we live in seems no longer to honor such a choice. So, we continue as best we are able to so choose.

The most significant
thing you will do today
... is choose. ~ my wife; smart lady.