Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Child's Smile

Ever wonder why a child's smile might be so appealing?
         Or why children are so often delightful when grownups are so often not?
Kids; some possibilities:
  • They're wide open to new information.
  • They're excited to try things they've not tried before.
  • They'll take the leap if you'll promise to catch them!
  • They're inspired by a more distant horizon...
And they're willing to share it all with their friends.
Doing things together is an end in itself; they call it 'play'.

Then there's ...                                                                            
... of such is the kingdom of heaven ...? 
Was Jesus just being poetic, or is this instructive somehow.

Ready to go at a moment's notice ....

And, what's the message?

Go thou therefore and build a building with chairs where you may sit ...

Be like everyone else all the time, except go to this building on Sundays ...

Go, sit in this place which I have shown thee, and there sit til the trumpet sounds and the cows come home ...

Even teens can be retrieved from the edge of adulthood sometimes ...
Spend years getting ready to be useful.  ...  Years and years.  You'll probably want to still be in a class when you're really old.


Brought to you by Hope For Every Child and  TexasEx.Org 
Children pictured here are dear friends from Kenya and from Sao Tome & Principe, 2010-2012