Thursday, October 4, 2012

A moderate Muslim?

The article here is like others, offered by a reasonable person who, like many of us, laments the furor over small things.  Click HERE to be taken to the original article, if you like.

"I believe one needs to have a very high bar when it comes to being offended."  What a wealth of wisdom in that single line.  Being 'slow to anger' delivers us as individuals, as families with children following their parents lead, as communities and nations, from so much that is destructive.

Watching two boys fighting over some toy as they escalate from words to blows, each by his response provoking the other to greater effort, is so visibly paralleled in the hatred and violence we see today.  This person vs. that person, this candidate vs. that candidate, this religion vs. that religion, all deny simple humanity and relegate their opponent to some hated category to be harmed or denigrated.  Or killed.

We owe moderates like the graduate student that wrote the article above a debt of gratitude for their tempering of the world in which we all live.  Would that we all had such clarity.