Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things I like about government ...

Good government isn't automatic.  
  • It's a science and task for dedicated folks.  There are skills needed along with vision and character to do it well.  True?   
  • Of course, recreational complaining is included for us armchair quarterbacks.   
  • From the list I've collected below, note the ones you like.  There don't seem to be many that I'd like to do without, really.  
  • And I'm begrudgingly thankful for those who have dedicated their skills and careers to doing these things well.  Even Obama.  Romney, not so much.  Or Coolidge.
  • God bless them each one.  Even this pig-headed, polarized, and seemingly foolish Congress.

Complaining can be both sincere and recreational.  Things in general or something in particular, our government needs to hear about it when they're off the mark.  And we should enjoy participating in the processes. It is, after all, our government.

Government is what 'we' do in this country to get along.  At least, that was the original intent.