Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Youth Rises

Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani schoolgirl
activist who was the victim of an assassination
attempt by Taliban
Oriana Lopez Uribe, Mexican youth
activist for sexual and reproductive
health services and information.

I'm encouraged by today's young folks.  Given the chance, they tackle the hard tasks like the teen blogger who took on the Taliban in Pakistan..  And look how they've done as a youth movement in the Arab States.  They jump on board with new technology without missing a step.

"In Mexico, brave HIV-activists are blogging to inspire others with their stories. In many countries, human rights activists are using social media to raise awareness and action. In Macedonia, street artists are using their art to provoke emotions in young people elsewhere. A young rape survivor in the United States used local radio to raise awareness and say – enough is enough, are you with me?"
A 90 Days Christian Youth
Fasting and Prayer for a
new Nigeria

Peace activist Tawakkul Karman has been a key
figure among youth activists in Yemen. She was
a prominent critic of Yemen's President Ali 
Abdullah Saleh even before the mass uprising 
erupted against him in January. Since 2007, she 
has organized small-scale protests to demand 
greater rights for women and freedom of the press.  
The 32-year-old mother of three is the first Arab
woman to win a Nobel prize.

A question for the younger folks...   
You've got connections; some of them on the far side of the world now thanks to social media.  Do you feel connected to your peers across religions, nationalities, traditions and cultures? The question goes beyond how many peers you've befriended on Facebook.
Serious-minded young people. In Nigeria. In church.
Worth knowing: Is their happiness your happiness? Is their hardship yours to deal with, too?   Their struggles with unemployment, hunger, climate change, conflict; are these now on your plate?

Today, we are all part of a big, interconnected family. Actions taken in your country have an impact on other parts of the globe, our common home.

We're connected everywhere. Virtually, we are there and they equally are here. There is no Planet-B.