Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is wrong.

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There are no excuses. There are no adequate circumstances to justify such suffering. There cannot be any 'turning away' from this until such things no longer happen.

Realistically, there are too many occasions of suffering where it didn't have to happen.  There are too many who die because of greed and selfishness.  There is no excusing those at fault.  There cannot be any pretense that they didn't know.

There is no food shortage.  There is plenty for everyone, at least for now.  The rich never go hungry.  They do, however, manipulate the world's marketplaces to serve themselves, and the poor die because of such behavior.  There is no excuse.

Don't turn away.  Do something.  Say something.  Join in, and insist on change now.

There are way too many things that should not be irreverently or callously photographed.  I've posted this picture reverently, and with a broken heart.  This precious mother buries her little baby in the Dadaab refugee area of northern Kenya.  Hundreds of thousands have fled for their lives to such areas, hoping for a chance to just survive, but thousands die.