Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learn Unlearn Relearn

Racial bias.
Gender bias.
Political bias.
Religious bias.
Philosophical bias.
The uninformed arrogance of wealth and position.
The justifications of greed and selfishness, of avarice, of hubris.

Objectivity is often encumbered by day-to-day experience, by business or media pressures,  and much of it is just dung.  Often, it seems that every bad way to reach a conclusion has contributed to modern thinking, and we're challenged to make our way through it with integrity and a good conscience.

Did you know that Mexicans are poor because they're lazy?  They're not.
Did you know that the poor in America are unmotivated?  Not true.
Did you know that girls are poor decision makers?  Nonsense.
Did you know that Texans are tougher than most folks?  OK, that's maybe true, but way too much of our understanding is incomplete or perhaps even just wrong.

We've acquired thinking from our traditions, from the thoughts and behavior of others, and so much of it good.  It has been passed down from parent to child, from community to schools, from churches to adherents. most with thoughtful and gracious origins.  Some however, particularly from popular media, is just the inadvertent stains of life without any virtue or value.  Just dirt you picked up along the way that you need to brush off and leave behind.

Much has changed.
 Is this still democracy?
  Is that justice?
   Are those honest businesses?
    Am I represented?  Are they?
      Is that fair?
Can we think with clarity enough to dump the trash?

If you're out of ideas, go where the world is different than yours.  A different viewpoint can help you change.