Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Pushy Telemarketer Ω

My young friend from the early years.  He and his little sister 
helped me find my way along the many trails 
to their neighborhood.

If I speak with human eloquence or superhuman intellect but don't have a good heart for my hearers ...
I've become like a proud politician or a pushy telemarketer.

Photo courtesy of  José Augusto Bastos Santosone of many loving folks from
Casa Fiz do Mundo.  That's him in the middle of the mob, pulling the fishermen's boat ashore.

Love is patient and kind, not proud or arrogant.  Love will take the time to walk alongside like a brother, and to share the burden, to protect, to trust, to persevere.

Things will change, but love will last.  It's bigger than we understand now, but we'll get to see it all.  Soon, perhaps.

1 Co. 13