Monday, January 19, 2015

The Ideal Nation

As has been attempted in the past, we must understand and address the gap between rich and poor.  It's growing at an accelerating rate with the US leading the developing nations in its impact on citizens.

This year, more than half of public school students live in poverty.  That's just one of many indicators illustrating the decline of the last half-century.

This gap precipitates troubles; from increased personal debt to increased crime, from limitations on economic mobility to impediments for assimilation, from increased domestic violence to increased international volatility.  As today's equivalent to segregation and discrimination, the economic class structure disenfranchises the majority and grants disproportionate influence to the elite.  Your place below the gap, like poverty, is not your choice; it's done to you.

If you have an opinion, your representatives in government should hear from you on this one.