Wednesday, May 13, 2015

God Never Said

"God never said make the world a safe place.   He said bring sinners to him and he will do it."
~Paul Cline

True?  Well, not really.  He has given us plenty of direction and counsel regarding justice, defense of those mistreated, and right thinking.  This would be a good time for His help, though.  Conflict and upheaval surround the issues of making things right and safe and the way they should be.  We'd hoped our world would be more reasonable.

ISIS claims to be doing what's right, ridding the earth of those apostate Shiites.
Hitler claimed to be restoring the Reich and cleansing the earth of those Jewish vermin. Himmler claimed he was a decent person while he was doing it.
Planned Parenthood claims to be helping women by disposing of those babies, and Gosnell (pictured) claims he was a decent fellow, meeting the health needs of those poor folks. 

Making things right requires right thinking, of course.  
It's absence is the problem we face each day.

Happy Anniversary to Kermit Gosnell (it's been two years since his murder convictions and imprisonment for life without parole).  I wonder if perhaps his thinking will get adjusted a bit.

God, deliver us from such strangely inhuman people in this world.  What's the right response?

Gosnell the abortionist serial killer was not unusual, by the way. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)