Sunday, May 10, 2015

If only

If there were only a few of us, like maybe one or two hundred family members scattered across some farm land, how would we do collectively?  What would it look like?
The Kraemer family farm in Oregon where 
everybody does their part for the benefit of all.

So there's perhaps a few dozen really capable adults, perhaps the same number of really young and really old people, plus the young adults making their way into responsible life.

Would the productive members take care of the ones without the skills or perhaps without the strength to do the hard work?  Of course.

Would the skilled take the time to teach and equip the youngsters who wanted to step up?  Yes, absolutely.

Would the oldies with a lifetime's accumulation of resources share with those who hadn't yet developed their own and help them become productive?  You know they would.  Families watch out for each other even if there's sacrifice involved.

What you wouldn't see in the family is the grandfathers and grandmothers enslaving their youngsters.  You wouldn't find moms and dads indebting their kids and extended family members just to get more wealth.

If you did find such things, that would be Wall Street World, of course, and modern capitalism, the bottom-line driven culture of acquire and consume, a continuation of mankind's record of pillage and plunder.  What a shame.

The world is just a couple hundred countries, humanity's extended family. Most could be prosperous, but currently about 80% of the family members live on less than $10 or so a day. The rich gain their wealth at the expense of the poor, and continue to do so deliberately despite the visible harm being done.

Ever thought about your part in all of that?
You've got options.  You don't have to play by those rules.