Saturday, December 12, 2015

One down, hundreds up

The town was pressured into taking down their community's nativity scene, so hundreds of residents put up their own.

In Minnesota, the Wadena City Council took down a nativity scene they've traditionally displayed in the city park every year at Christmas time. They were forced into the decision by the Freedom from Religion Foundation which argued that it’s unlawful for a city to display a religious scene, “thus singling out, showing preference for, and endorsing one religion.” They threatened to sue the town.

That's just angry folks being grumpy, I suppose, but such politically correct thinking plagues our nation in so many ways.  Those cannot be happy people.

Anyway, now there are more than a thousand nativity scenes across the town, all on private property.

The community's response caught the attention of local and national news media, so the story has made the rounds.  Local resident Dani Sworski may have started it all.  She says she “wanted to make sure that we stood together, we came together for our faith, as friends as family, and we all kind of grew from this.” Good for them.

It's worth noting, we needn't succumb to the watered down and lifeless norms offered by either the media or the politically correct.  Merry Christmas.