Friday, March 25, 2016

Heart, Soul, Mind

Love with all your heart, soul, mind, ... and strength.  Why would someone say it that way?


In truth, we're torn
between what we know is right

and what we want.

That's the explanation offered by the psych community, and
here's how we stumble through it ...

  • As we learn, we come to a logical conclusion, and we lock it down.  Two plus two equals ... you get the idea. We understand and file it away for reference. 

Math works well that way.  It's easy to believe math is true and to live accordingly, but we're inclined to extend the method into realms far beyond the little help that math might offer.

How about a broader question like is selfishness good or bad?  

  • We've talked it through, it's a clear question, and we agree it's bad for everybody.  That's the logical path to belief and conviction; we know and understand.  Lock it down. 

But can we live it?  We surely can talk about it, explain it in detail, lecture our kids and friends, but we're casually dismissive about selfishness in our own hearts, and we cannot fully live according to the convictions we've claimed.  Why is that?   (Cognitive dissonance, a conflict between two beliefs, values, convictions; it's an unfinished choice that can take a war to conquer.)

A warrior understands this battle for right thinking ... we fight for it every day of our lives.  The world's assault on a good heart is mega-monstrous, it roils up in every entertainment venue, every political speech, every cultural norm, every peer pressure, every business meeting, and every slanted news report.  It's an incredible struggle to rise up and to think clearly.  Our children watch and learn from us.
Our children are faced with a different world. Morality is ambiguous, character is a soft standard, and sex on the prom dance floor is the latest trend.  They have few examples of magnificence to admire and emulate.  The battle for right thinking continues, and it is all out war.

Love with all your heart, soul, mind, ... and strength.  

Why would someone say it that way?

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