Thursday, March 31, 2016

We can't serve God

... and wealth.

You're nuts if you try.  Any attempt to do so is perhaps entertaining to an outside observer, but it's a guaranteed life of mental conflict.  (Cognitive dissonance, self-deception)

Among the fun questions one might reasonably consider today, ...

What are the chances your thinking might be bent by wealth.     ?
What is the likelihood you're balanced in your view of yourself and the world.     ?
As one of the world's wealthiest people (top 10% anyway), what might possibly be odd in your thinking about things and excess and luxury.     ?

Don't be shaped by the world; rather be changed, transformed ...

If you were to start over from where you are today and rebuild everything in your life and your children's lives, would you change anything?  Should you?

Fun questions.

Attempting a Christian life in a wealthy culture may not be convenient.  Does that make a difference?

If it does, were fake, of course. 

Things have changed, and we've been dragged along.  What's next?

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