Saturday, July 2, 2016

Citizens and their message to elected officials

Dear elected officials,
If we're not making progress toward LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, you're doing it wrong.  You need to shape up or ship out.  
For the scorekeepers, the bottom 90% have seen little improvement in recent decades while the nation's wealthiest have profited extraordinarily. Higher education is more difficult to achieve.  Social and economic mobility have declined, and economic inequality (the GAP) has increased.  That trend now infects the rest of the developing world.(1) (2) (3) Our elected officials did that, and that's both parties as influenced by wealth.

What might a nation's purpose be?  A corrupt and inexcusable outcome would be the advancement of the elite at the expense of all others.  That's the path we've walked for the last half century.  You can understand why the citizenry might be angry.

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