Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can a conservative be liberal during the Christmas season?

   Of course.

Can we have personal convictions that cover the political spectrum from left to right?
   Of course.

Can the spirit of Christmas make room for folks who may not agree with us?
   Of course.

Will our Muslim friends smile and say Merry Christmas when we meet.

They're pretty open minded about such things.

And our Jewish friends?
   Same heart, same mind, same grace.

Can I presume that a political party is likely to represent well all those things that are important to me and to my family?
   Of course not.

So while the political left and right are screaming and insulting each other and fostering the most destructive emotions this Christmas season, do I have to choose a side?  
   Yes, of course.  
Either I join in the fear and hate, or I choose a better path.  Hate ruins pretty much everything, but it's not going to ruin my Christmas.  Yours either, if you're smart.  🎅
The point of remembering the birth of Jesus is to remember our Father's great love for us all.  All.  Right?

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