Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Those who serve

There have been many who served us well, many who found the principles of the nation echoing in their heart and mind.  Life, liberty, equality, justice, all were profoundly embedded in the character and convictions of those who served. Many of them fought and died so that we and our children might live in such freedom.

There have been many who exploited us, many who lived without principle and whose goals were position and power at the expense of others.  Life, liberty, equality, and justice are all on the chopping block for abuse and misuse by such a self-appointed elite.

Those who serve well may not be honored as they deserve, but their legacy remains among us.  This nation is not defined by government or politicians or corporations, it is defined by the proper rights of the people.  If necessary, we'll clean up the mess yet again, perhaps after we quit squabbling like children.  That's how a free country works.

Note: The election has been describe as regicide, the ending of rule by parties.  Long before the election, the party leadership had chosen their candidates and were preparing their plans for the post election years.  Clinton and Bush were the chosen ones.  The voters decimated both parties; both are at a loss to reign in their members, to corral them back to the party line.  Regardless of the outcome of Trump's presidency, the parties will have to rebuild or be left behind.  That's perhaps the most satisfying part of what we've seen.  😏