Friday, May 26, 2017

Pyramid - 2017

World Economic Pyramid - 2017
Have you ever spent $30 just because you wanted something?  That's a week's income for most folks.

In our tumultuous world, making a way forward for our children is difficult.  Unless you're rich. The rich never go hungry or without shelter. Children of the wealthy have reliable access to water, healthcare, and education.  And a way forward. Everyone else, not so much.

"... in the majority of countries below the median per capita income, wealth is accumulating more slowly than the population is growing."  ~UNDP HDR

Individual countries sized by percentage of population in poverty
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The international community is making progress in many areas. The percentage of folks in extreme poverty is perhaps going down, but we are struggling with increasing population.  Food, health care, sanitation, water, education, all are far from equitably available.  Large changes are needed.

Meanwhile, it doesn't take much to lend a hand in the developing countries.  For the price of a restaurant dinner here, a kid there can attend school for a semester and get a meal each day. For a few hundred dollars, they can attend college or a trade school for a semester.  With help, a family can put a floor in their house, bed pads under their children, and start a garden or a small business.  They can make progress by their own labor with a little help for some resources.

In distressed regions that today are dealing with drought and famine, sponsoring meals for their small school will ensure kids get at least one meal a day. A little support will help them rebuild their herds and replant their crops now that rain has finally come. Feel free to join in.


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