Sunday, December 25, 2011

Charlize Theron - does she have a chance?

Charlize Theron is a cutie.  "I'm single and I need to find a man!" It was on CNN as a soundbite from an upcoming interview.

My wife and I looked at each other and laughed because it was funny, the way she'd said it.  Then we both felt a little sad for her and the odd world where she lives.  Does she have a chance of finding the joy of a healthy marriage?  After all, a healthy marriage is about the biggest blessing anyone can have, but not every attempt succeeds.

The actress lives in the world of wealth and celebrity, a difficult one in which values and worth are oddly skewed.  She lives with nosy people and intrusive media looking at anything and everything, and she's forced to live walled off from the world.  She can't run to the store, you know, not like we do.  She can't just go to church with regular folks, she can't stop at Starbucks for a coffee with an acquaintance.  Ever seen how a celeb is treated when they show up in public?

"You have to do it at somebody's house," Theron said of dating. "Because then somebody is going to see you (out) for coffee with somebody."

You can't help but wonder, how difficult is it for famous folks to have a real life?  Do they even get an opportunity to understand and enjoy the other 99.99% of humanity? How far from 'real' do they have to live?

We sincerely wish her well.  Does she have a chance?  Sure she does.

The secret ...?    It seems perhaps to have a focal point.

Marriage is like a found treasure if the two become one. 
      It founders (as in shipwreck) when they don't. 

Two becoming one - chasing that particular goal is a choice for both.  It brings a lot of change and growing up, and it goes on for decades.  The largest component of success is perhaps that one piece.

At the start, there's little chance we will come unselfishly to marriage.  Singleness is naturally self-serving, and learning to think otherwise is a radical change.  It takes a few years, perhaps, just to get that one well begun. 
Johnny Depp in France, probably, somewhere

It's a volatile upheaval, and we can make the changes if we're willing.  Even in a world like Hollywood, I suppose.  We all hope for miracles.

P.S.  Celebrity can be overcome, my wife tells me.  She says Johnny Depp took his family to some distant place in France to live where it isn't worth the paparazzi's time to go.  Hmmm.  Clever.