Saturday, December 10, 2011

‘Person of Interest’

Here's an interesting fellow with some surprises in his personal life.

‘Person of Interest’ is a well written show with a clever premise.

Jim Caviezel plays the lead.

(Early on, folks in the business told him he should change is name because nobody would be able to pronounce his real one.) 

Jim Caviezel, the star of the blockbuster film The Passion of the Christ, told an interviewer that he had been challenged by a friend who was not pro-life to live up to his professed pro-life convictions and adopt a disabled child. The friend told Caviezel that if he did that, then he would change to the pro-life position.
When Caviezel and his wife, Kerri, went to China to adopt not one, but eventually two orphans suffering from brain tumors, the friend reneged on the deal. Caviezel, however, said, "It didn't matter to me because the joy that we had from (Bo) - he’s like our own."

The couple’s first child, Bo, had been abandoned on a train, grew up in an orphanage until he was five and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Caviezels nursed Bo through his surgeries and he remains today at the center of the family.

"We took the harder road," the actor said. "That is what faith is to me; it’s action."  They eventually adopted a third orphaned child. 
What are some of the things you find most rewarding about being a dad?

"The other day my little girl jumped in my lap, put her hand on my face, and whispered in my ear, "Papa, I love you so much." It pulls on your heartstrings. When you come home and the kids run to you, come up and grab your leg. We have a little thing. They stand on my feet and I walk them into the kitchen and we just laugh"
~ Interview by Hilary White

(It's always a pleasure to find an actor who doesn't fit the entertainment industry model of shallow living, isn't it.)