Sunday, February 10, 2013

Above average

Above average..?  But of course we are!

Folks in the job market today find themselves being examined and ranked for intelligence, education, experience, talent, ...
... competitive criteria for comparing one against another, perhaps.  It's as though there's a scale upon which you might find yourself, and it's tempting to believe there's something significant about your position on that scale, too.

In a given business circumstance, talent could make the difference.  Or intelligence might do it.  Or education, perhaps, will make the critical difference in the marketplace.  Is that what we want or need?

When was the last time employers thoughtfully considered wisdom, courage, or integrity as criteria for hiring.  Three decades, perhaps?  These traits are present or absent; it's not a competition, not a scale.

Meaningless innuendo unless you're a geek.  :)
But do we need these traits any more in our western world?

  • Would a wise man press ahead here?  
  • Would a courageous woman back down from that roadblock?  
  • Would a person of integrity accept tasking along those lines?  
We struggle with these questions, hoping to go beyond the requirements of law to those of conscience and virtue.  It's the difference between deal makers and world changers.

Short version; when it falls to you, you're on your own; do the next right thing!

The above is a condensed extract from a few years of struggle.  Do I do what I'm told?  Yes, but only if ....  Do I follow the well-worn path others have created?  No, unless research supports ....  Am I being pig-headed or restrained by conscience?  To both, yes, but the guiding principle ....  Unfortunately, there are few simple answers.  
Did we expect it to be this difficult?  :)  OK, ok, ... wait a minute; this is really hard!  Nuts.

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