Thursday, June 12, 2014


Prove it.  Find an occasion in life where equality plays out fully and truthfully.

This young fellow in the photo, for example.  He's well educated, multilingual, well mannered, bright, and possessed of an impressive work ethic.  He earns around $180 per month to support his household, serving folks who make perhaps fifty or a hundred times as much.  With less effort.

The difference between him and the folks he serves is opportunity and oppression.  The world has relegated him and his country to a lesser role in industry, business, government, and equality.
If they're not
they're not equal.

One equals one only if the two elements are interchangeable.  If they're not interchangeable, the two are not actually equal.

Globalization will make some inroads in such things; some helpful, perhaps.  We'll see.  Meanwhile, are there not things we might do individually to make a difference?

Did you know you can sponsor a young person's college education for less than the cost of a nice television?

"It's our pleasure to serve you," each attendant says to their clientele.  They mean it. 
A secure job that pays reliably is rare. The norm for household income is
$80 to $180 per month, but only if you can find work.
This is a resort in the Dominican Republic,
but it could be almost anywhere.
From an ancient historical view, when Jesus suggested we consider the poor, the disenfranchised, he wasn't suggesting we feel sorry for them; he perhaps was pointing to the injustice inherent in a stratified understanding of humanity.  It's just not right.  When he washed the disciple's feet, he wasn't demonstrating how to be gentle and nice.  It was a practical illustration of how the Father values each and every one, an equality as yet not clearly understood.

These pictured here are equal in potential for intellectual capacity, nobility, virtue, ethical clarity, and value in community.  True?  Can we prove it from our own life choices?  Jesus made a big deal about caring for the poor. He sees us all as pretty much the same, and he knows how screwed up we'll be if we just walk by on the other side of the road.

By the way, the young fellow pictured at the top of the page ... he's just short of the world's median income;
half of humanity lives in much more difficult circumstances than he.