Saturday, June 21, 2014

Inequality by the Numbers

(Two societies compared)
Curious what differences you might see between the two?  

In 'A' vs 'B', we find:
  • The cost of living is higher, crime rate is lower.  
  • Taxes are higher, life expectancy is longer.  
  • Student/teacher ratios are lower, health is better.  
  • Utilities cost less, shoes cost more. 
  • Health care system works, children are more likely to be in school when they should be.
  • Percent of population in prison is one-tenth of ours.
  • A house costs more, the poverty rate is 80% lower.
  • Potatoes and apples cost less.
Would I want to live there?  No, but just for reasons of preference.  They're good folks, I'm sure, but their winters are cold, and all my roots are here anyway.

The point of it all is to note differences and improvements that might be made.  Problems can have good solutions, perhaps more than are currently on the table in our painfully partisan discussions.  Civilizations grow and change, hopefully for the better.