Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Line

“Don’t think just about where the lines are drawn, think about who draws the lines.”

If I take a hundred dollar bill from the cash register, I will go to jail.  If Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street take billions out of the savings of ordinary people (with purchased government help) then crash the economy, costing thousands of jobs, not one of them will ever be prosecuted. The lines are drawn differently for big money.
The average bonus on Wall Street this
year? $160,000!  That's more than three times
the average household income, just for their bonus.

Our local police have crossed that line. They are soldiers who treat us like terrorists. If Occupy speaks against Wall Street, they will be tear gassed and beaten and handcuffed and caged into “free speech zones” designed to make us forget that the whole country was supposed to be a free speech zone. But now we have free speech only when and where they say you can have it.  Meanwhile, Wall Street can say and do pretty much anything they want, to you or anyone else, and get away with it.

Things have changed.  The way forward is not an easy one for us as a nation or as individuals.  The quest for wealth has replaced the quest for territory, and the weapons are economic.  True?

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Thanks and a hat-tip to Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House
who obligingly set the stage Wall Street needed.